Why Your Kitchen Has A Lot Of Answers!

Why Your Kitchen Has A Lot Of Answers!


With the lockdown, most people across the globe are returning to their kitchens to dish up old favourites and learn some new recipes to spend their free time and to feel happy. Try making some trending quick culinary hits like Dalgona coffee, Chocolate Fudge, Sponge Cake and Gol Gappas this Sunday as you allow yourself some relaxation time with family.

Here are 3 quick benefits of cooking
1. Your mind learns to be fully focused at the work on hand, making you present. (it works just like meditation!)
2. You learn a new skill and this helps you create new neuro-pathways in your brain (like all new learning does)
3. Gives you and your family the much needed off-screen time as you come together to cook, clean and enjoy the new dish together. (complete win-win)

Give it a shot this weekend and let us know how it worked!




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