What Legendary Companies Do Differently

What Legendary Companies Do Differently


FedEx Corporation is a company with a track record of being super successful. FedEx believes that its success lies in  how efficiently its employees perform. The company discovered that well-treated employees are top producers, resulting in positive company growth. In 1973, FedEx developed, and still practices, its “People-Service-Profit” philosophy denoting excellent care of its employees. The company tracks employee satisfaction with its annual Survey-Feedback-Action, or SFA, program. Post-survey, management and employees meet to discuss the survey results, address problems and decipher how to resolve them.

Pick any top organization in the world and run the litmus test of how people centric they are, and one would be both surprised and shocked at the results. While many companies began with the vision of serving its customers by ensuring its teams are well cared for, somewhere down the line, they became profit centric. The rest is history, as you find enough stories about neglect of workers and their needs. They may run a long race, but not a fulfilling one.

And then there are those companies that surprise you with the level of care they show for their people that they believe, if you take of your people, your people will take care of profits. These companies become legendary because the happiness and fulfillment quotient of their people and their clients is there for you to see. Their minimum attrition levels and life long clients live on to become brand ambassadors inspiring the world around them with the amazing experiences they’ve had with the organization.

What kind of a company and culture are you part of?


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