What It Takes To Find Joy And Inspiration In The Toughest Situations?

What It Takes To Find Joy And Inspiration In The Toughest Situations?

What’s the first thought that strikes us when we speak of a job in the forces? It is ‘Nation First’. Yes, that’s what flows in the veins of every single personnel enrolled across the spectrum. Their DNA clearly spells out “Service Before Self”.

Today we will take a peek into how a tough but heartwarming Officer, Prateek Kalra makes his work place a ‘HAPPI’ one not only for himself but his entire team.

Team Motivation

To obtain ‘A’ class performance from your team, you not only need an A class leader but also an environment that bubbles with positivity and encouragement. Prateek provides his team with the same, with efficiency and ease.

Prateek’s work and that of his team requires them to deal with technically advanced equipment. There is a necessity for them to follow standard operating procedures and safety gear which if not done correctly, could turn fatal. This also brings about a need for the workplace to be neat, tidy and well organized. He feels that a tidy workplace has a major positive impact on the minds of his subordinates inspiring them to work harder naturally. The team members also gain a sense of confidence and belongingness as the precautions and safety measures to tackle any hazard at the workplace are top notch.

Employees are also regularly motivated by giving out awards like Employee of the month, bonuses and letters of appreciation etc.  Involving the family of the employee in encouraging him to achieve superior goals and bearing hardships without complaints, is done by regularly sending letters of appreciation to the respective families – a very effective practice.

Happiness Of The Employees

The nature of the work is such that the physical and mental fitness of the employees is extremely important. They often indulge in sports activities which achieve dual goals of fitness and happiness. They involve themselves in both team and individual games. This helps not only in developing individual acumen but also helps as a team building exercise, thereby creating harmony.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To lighten up there are frequent get togethers which are organized with the families. They hold welcome and send off parties for incoming and outgoing members respectively. Allowing family visits to the place of work enthralls the employees giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Personal occasions like birthdays are celebrated with cakes and gifts. The staff is also encouraged to pursue higher education while in service for which all required support is extended. This enhances the sense of achievement and personal growth in the employees.

When the team members are deployed away from home, concern for the family is uppermost in their minds. There are strong support system cells to address even the smallest of issues faced by them when the individual is away. This sense of security helps the person to work with more concentration while on deployment.

Also to help these members get involved in activities apart from work so as to help them relax and avoid missing their families, they play games like volleyball, darts, even watch movies and play board games and tug of war. Another interesting activity is that of making kites right from scratch with whatever material is available and experiencing a child like joy while flying it.

Gifting At The Workplace

Prateek feels, small gestures which make an individual feel cherished are the most valued  gifts one can give. At work, they give away organized gifts at family events.  But when they have any outgoing member they give the individual a photo frame with the picture specifically chosen of the individual at work along with the unit/institute’s crest. This preserves the person’s cherished memories of the time spent in the organization.

Prateek shares with us the memory of when he gave his boss a memento made from the part of a scrap engine that he had worked on his entire life. This was truly a special gift for the boss as it had loads of memories and feelings associated with it.

Favorite Gifts

The presence of people is what Prateek personally finds to be the best gift he can receive. The most cherished gift he remembers receiving is his parents being present at an important ceremony where he was ranked officer.

The best gift he remembers giving is a surprise present for his mom. He gifted her an All in one PC as she was facing difficulty with her old machine.

Self Happiness

Prateek seeks his happiness in dancing, travelling, trekking, camping and sports. He is trained in various dance forms like Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. He has been dancing since his childhood days and has also performed on many platforms during his school and college life.

He has travelled far and wide, covering countries like USA, West and Central Europe, Africa and the Gulf. Beach destinations are his top favourites with Ibiza heading the list. He recalls travelling to Brussels for ‘Tomorrowland’, Munich for ‘Oktober Fest’ and Berlin for ‘Salsa Congress’.

Apart from this he is a nature lover. He deeply enjoys camping and trekking. He is also a certified paraglider. Another feather in his cap is that he has played cricket for the under 16 team of Karnataka.

What Is He Grateful For

“Being given an opportunity to be able to serve the nation” says Prateek.

And as he says this, one can sense the genuineness with which he expresses this feeling. It is truly heartwarming.

While we meet more and more people who are creating magic at the workplace, it is a different joy when we see  someone who is so committed, passionate and inspiring in all he does, because as you can read above – he lives it all too!

Aditi Mittal
Senior Editor@HWP

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