The Indian Multinational Corporation and their dedication towards CSR!

The Indian Multinational Corporation and their dedication towards CSR!


This technology company helmed by philanthropist tycoon Azim Premji has always been dedicated towards CSR activities. Wipro has spent more than the prescribed CSR budget in the last three financial years.

The implementation of the CSR programmes happens through multiple channels – Wipro Foundation, a separate trust set up in April 2017, Wipro Cares, the trust for employee contribution and in some cases, directly through functions and groups within Wipro Ltd e.g. Biodiversity projects for their campuses is executed directly by the Operations group of Wipro Ltd. The implementation approach of Wipro is to primarily work through partners with established track records in the respective domains. The majority of the projects are long-term multi-year programmes.

Over the past several years, Wipro has established a strong foundational framework for social and environmental initiatives, both within the organization as well as outside. Wipro’s social and sustainability initiatives center on Education, Ecology, and Community Care. Started in 2011, Wipro earthian, brings together two key concerns: education and sustainability. This national-level programme has directly engaged more than 12500 schools and colleges, 6500 educators and 30000 students since inception. Through this programme the company also hosts a national sustainability quiz program for colleges, a unique internship program and academic partnerships with IIM-Bengaluru, IIM-Ahmedabad, Xavier University – Bhubaneshwar, CEPT-Ahmedabad, IIT-Mumbai and ICT-Mumbai on developing and integrating sustainability curricula.

Wipro’s work in primary health care from 6 projects across four states touches the lives of more than 70,000 people. Apart from providing regular health services, the emphasis is also to build the capacity of the communities in terms of higher awareness and developing a higher degree of self-reliance to handle their own primary health care needs. In terms of disaster management, Wipro has helped rebuild the lives of people affected by Karnataka Floods, Bihar Floods, Odisha Floods, the Japan Tsunami, Hurricane Sandy and Philippines Cyclone.



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