The 2 Extra C’s In Cadburys That Make It A World Class Work Place

The 2 Extra C’s In Cadburys That Make It A World Class Work Place


When it comes to people management, Cadbury leads the way. Not only is the company the world’s second-largest confectioner, but it has also earned the HR accolade by putting its people first. Since founded in 1824, Cadbury has maintained its worker village and R&D factories. The village offers its staff and their families a comfortable environment to work and live. The company is built on an altruistic belief system that makes people a priority. The Cadbury culture combines positivity and work life balance to give its people a very fulfilling experience.

When organizations take to care for their people at all levels, each individual is inspired to step up their game, no matter which role they play. Happy people create inspiring workplaces because of the energy they operate at and the creativity they bring to the table.

No matter how big or small the size of your organisation – we highly recommend instilling a culture charter that inculcates and encourages the management and teams to play the game of business with tools of compassion and care. And know that this will pave the way for growth that is sustainable and profitable.


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