Our Team

Leena Munot

Chief (Re) Editor

When you are done with all the comfort offered above and some hugs, you can meet Leena. The craziest one on the team, driving everyone at reckless speed to complete projects, because she has booked her travel tickets! Her only inspiration are travel, long drives and work from homes excuses…where she can sneak in extra sleep, some cartoon movies, cardio workouts, yoga and a few beers! Leena loves to ask questions that bring out stories of courage and inspiration from her interviewees, shares them with you and hopes to be a superwoman who can multitask a billion things at one time!

Mala S

Chief Happiness Officer

Need friendly, motherly advice, a warm hug or just a listening ear over a cuppa chai?  Mala always will find the time to be there for you…provided you are already on our featured interviewees lists 😉 She holds fort and is our angel on the broomstick, making sure our insanity finds sane pitstops, deadlines are being met and someone who holds the Chief Editor to the leash…so we can get back to being awesome!

Aditi Mittal

Senior Editor

A graduate in Journalism, Psychology and English, Aditi is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology, with specialisation in Human Resource Development and Management from Christ Univerisity, Bangalore. She is also a dedicated student of various dance forms, including Kathak, Salsa, Belly Dance, Bollywood and even Bachata which formed the base for her area of research in Dance Movement Therapy and its effect on Happiness and Stress.

Aditi loves to dance, shop and travel to beaches all over the world, when she is not creating her magic at Happiworkplaces as a Senior Editor! This young dynamite is full of interesting and deep dwelling questions when she is in an interview mode – and has the power to take you down memory lane to revisit the challenges you faced and overcame in your career. So if you hear from her anytime soon – get ready for an exciting session of Q&A and interesting conversations


You spend close to 8 hours a day at work. Making those hours joyful or stressful are your choice.


Finding method to the madness, and making the journey worthwhile requires innovative thinking


Don’t brag, walk the talk. Be the inspiration you seek! Share with us your success stories.


Happiness is what you make of it and it means different things to different people and organizations.