It Is Never Too Late To Make A Difference

It Is Never Too Late To Make A Difference


The LEGO Group is one of the most notable examples of how social responsibility can be an incredible asset to a well-known brand. Their dedication to social impact is somewhat recent, but the extent of their commitment has made the Danish company a shining example of the far-reaching impact of CSR.

LEGO has made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and is working towards 100 percent renewable energy capacity by 2030. The behemoth business has baked environmentally friendly processes into their manufacturing with the creation of LEGO’s Sustainable Materials Center, which works to find sustainable alternatives to their current materials and packaging. They have also made a public commitment to ethical business practices and high standards for human rights for their employees.

Our major takeaway from LEGO is that it’s never too late to make a difference. Even the slightest effort towards social change can have a positive impact on the world and encourage other businesses to do the same.



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