How Do You Live Light?

How Do You Live Light?


Happiness at work and in life comes from doing the unusual. Ever felt like a big bar of chocolate or french fries first thing in the morning? When you indulge in a guilt free manner, doing things that don’t necessarily make great sense you allow yourself to be child like! A child does not think about what is the right time to eat chocolates. Sometimes, it is good to do things without overthinking about nutrition, diet, weight loss and just chill and do what you feel like.

Today revisit some good old days in your life and recollect what spontaneous activities you enjoyed doing. What child like things did you indulge in? Remember how it made you feel. Share with us and inspire an entire community to live light!

Here are some quick ideas

  1. Invite a friend over for a game of monopoly on week night!
  2. Do some hula hooping in the garden
  3. Enjoy an animated fun movie
  4. Take to colouring in a book or do some sketching


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