How Dance Can Create Joy At Work!

How Dance Can Create Joy At Work!

We believe dance in any form creates happiness at work, happiness at home and happiness in life!

Here are the top 3 benefits
1. Shake away the stress – Research shows that our bodies get stiff and feel stressed because of our sedentary work styles that face screens for over 8 to 9 hours a day. This routine does not allow us to move around much. So when you find a few minutes during a break, put on your favourite music and shake those legs and get your heart rate up, so the happy hormones flow!

2. Up your concentration levels – There is a sense of dullness that creeps in when we are doing monotonous work and this leads to fragmentation of our focus. Learn a small dance routine that you can follow step by step for a few minutes daily. This will increase your concentration levels in a short time!

3. Preventive health measure – Breaking into a dance at least once a day, or making it a part of your routine workouts, ensures your back and neck muscles get the much-needed exercise and helps you stay fit and away from medication.


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