Do You Experience Joy At Work?

Do You Experience Joy At Work?

With your pay check each month do you also do a check on the amount of joy you experience at your workplace? Creating an environment where culture, productivity and happiness come together seamlessly in an organization is an ongoing process. It is a journey filled with learning, unlearning and relearning simple things that can go a long way in building a happy workforce.

Happiness is an experience that a company creates for its employees in many ways like a well designed office space, breathing zones, greenscapes, good infrastructure like cafeterias, gyms, snooze zones, ergonomic workstations, recognition through rewards and useful, innovative gifts to recognise their contribution and celebrate milestones and so on.

At Happiworkplaces we work towards showcasing these and many more ideas on what go into increasing the happiness quotient at work. A happy workplace – is where productivity, efficiency and great culture thrives. Happiness inspires productivity and gets people to achieve breakthrough results when they are having fun doing what they are doing.

Happiworkplaces aims to bring you, the reader, success stories from across the globe, interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs and most importantly with the Human Resource Heads of different companies on the various aspects they work with to bring happiness into the workplace and how they make it a sustained one.

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