5 Top Hacks To Go From Stressful To Peaceful

5 Top Hacks To Go From Stressful To Peaceful

Stress manifests itself in different ways on our mental state, emotional well being and physical health. Through these trying times of Corona most of us have been locked down and away from our loved ones for months, only adding more stress to our lives.

Here are are 5 top hacks to go from stressful to peaceful

  1. Meditate Daily – This is a golden nugget that helps you sleep better and ensures you wake up feeling a lot more calmer and in a better state of mind. Even a ten minute routine is good. Be consistent and allow yourself the time to soak into the process.
  2. Brisk Walk – Taking a quick walk in nature, or jogging in the same place, or doing a few jumping jacks pumps your blood with a fresh dose of dopamine (the happy hormone) making those stress levels dip quickly.
  3. Phone A Friend – Few things in life reap such high benefits like having friends who support us and mean well for us at all times. Set aside 30 minutes every day to connect friends and loved ones and talk about the day or a happy memory (don’t discuss Corona updates).
  4. Keep A Journal – Despite all the above, there will be moments when you feel very overwhelmed and even hopeless. Pick a journal and write down your feelings. This helps you declutter your mind instantly and is very therapeutic. Makes you feel light very quickly.
  5. Eat Fresh – Get yourself a good serving of fruits, vegetables and nuts daily to keep your physical body feeling nourished and light. A happy body is home to a happy mind.

No matter how terrible things seem sometimes, know that this too is a phase and soon there will be light! So hang in there, make the most of your solitude and get fit!

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