5 Easy Tips To Infuse Joy At Work – Instantly!

5 Easy Tips To Infuse Joy At Work – Instantly!


We all have our fair share of good days and bad days both at work and in life. This does not mean we do not love our jobs or are any less committed. Sometimes the environment at work can get stressful owing to many reasons like conflict, deadlines or because of the nature of certain projects.

Here are 5 quick and easy ways you can use starting today to infuse more joy at work.

Give A Compliment

Give your team members a sincere compliment about a recent task they accomplished. Appreciate specific tasks they carried out, acknowledge their effort and how well they used their resources to make that job a neat one.

Lend A Hand

Even if it means to hold the door open for them when their hands are full with files, or just like that. No matter how awful they are feeling, this little gesture is sure to make them smile.

Get Them A Caffeine Fix

See them busy under a pile of work? Get them a cuppa coffee on your way out from the cafeteria. Kindness and care go a long way in making people feel special and loved.

Share A Skill

All of us have some skills that we are so good and quick at naturally, that it makes it a great way to help others with the same. Is there some new information or new hack you learnt about photography, or may be something new in the software you use that could save everyone’s time. Go ahead and share it.

Encourage A Buddy

Nothing works more magically than infusing a colleague with generous doses of encouragement. This needs to be genuine to begin with. Make sure you encourage them especially when they are their wits end with a project and super stressed. They will love you for it.

Bringing joy into work is all about helping people feel lighter and these fixes are super easy to implement. Do give them a shot and let us know how it felt!




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