3 Quick Tips To Deal With Anxiety Related To ‘Work From Home’

3 Quick Tips To Deal With Anxiety Related To ‘Work From Home’


Dealing with COVID-19 can be very stressful at times and can create anxiety for employees who are unable to deal with this changing work environment. In order to tackle with this problem, several companies are reaching out to counsellors and psychiatrists to help those employees stressed about working from home, as an extended lockdown period starts taking a toll on their emotional wellbeing.

Microsoft, P&G and Deloitte are among companies that have sought professional assistance to help employees tackle the turmoil due to social distancing, now extended for more weeks and months during 2020.

When the most important asset of any organization – ITS PEOPLE – gets affected, they need to do everything in their capacity to ensure the safety of their teams – not just physical but also their mental and emotional well being.

3 quick tips to keep their spirits in better shape:

  1. Online huddle for 15 minutes daily with the teams to give them a feeling of working together as a team, share their highs of the day and reach out to each other for support.
  2. Open up a counselling helpline to help individuals cope with the stress of getting lonely working from home, or anxiety around their job and so on.
  3. Recommend that the teams get into a routine of unwinding daily after work for 15 minutes – either with a meditation, some physical activity like a quick run, jogging in one place or dancing to their favourite tune. This helps them transition out of the work zone and get back to their families.

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